‘Sell for more and buy for less’

20 March News

We are at the start of 2018, and the new spirit of confidence in the country is already being reflected in the property market, with increased…

South Africa’s Smart Cities are Driving Sustainability

15 March News

Property development and nature might not automatically go hand in hand, but more and more developers are moving towards incorporating nature into building design.

Concrete Benefits

9 March Development News

Investing in property is a good thing. Missing out on a profitable investment is not. Don’t get caught out by the looming VAT increase. With VAT…

Are millennials changing the status quo for future developments?

8 March News

New developments such as private property group Amdec‘s planned R10 billion Harbour Arch are increasingly taking millennials’ into consideration. We explore whether millennials determine the status…

Property firms allay Cape water fears

31 January News

Listed groups have already taken steps to reduce usage and to provide supply for tenants in Cape Town when Day Zero arrives.

Housing in South Africa

22 January Press Release

Around the world there is a movement towards energy and water saving technology, and other sustainable solutions.

New Urbanism is Redefining City Living

28 December News

A new development designated for Cape Town’s foreshore area is set to redefine the city centre and change the city’s skyline forever. Granted, the R10-billion development…

An insider’s look at Cape Town’s latest development

21 November News

“We are confident in the long-term future of South Africa and, in particular, Cape Town” says James Wilson, CEO of the Amdec Group. At the recent unveiling…