How to keep your fitness levels up during lockdown

17 April Lifestyle

The first three weeks of lockdown are over. If your fitness routine still hasn’t got out of the starting blocks, what are you waiting for? The…

A life less ordinary at Harbour Arch

10 April Lifestyle

The world’s attention may be firmly fixed on the unfolding COVID-19 crisis, but with the whole of South Africa on lockdown, and life as we know…

Young person adapting to the new normal after the COVID-19 lockdown

Adjusting to the new normal

3 April Lifestyle

In a matter of weeks, life as we know it has been turned upside down and we find ourselves living a ‘new normal’ that feels anything…

remote working during COVID-19

Top tips for remote working

27 March Uncategorized

With COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown having forced countless businesses to send employees home, most South Africans now find themselves in unfamiliar work territory. If you’re…

Social distancing: why it’s critical

19 March News

The COVID-19 crisis has ramped up in the last few days, with the number of global infections today, 19 March, standing at 220,230, with 8,981 people…

self-driving cars cape town

How will cities accommodate driverless cars?

13 March New Urbanism | Uncategorized

According to countless online predictions, there should be thousands of driverless cars on the road by now. And yet, in spite of 2020 being a watershed…

Why buying off-plan makes sense

6 March Investment

Buying off-plan is a great option whether you’re buying to rent or to live. Not only will you enjoy a brand-new unit that no-one has ever…

The global drive for car-free cities

27 February New Urbanism

When Henry Ford presented his Model T to the world, it’s unlikely he could have predicted a future where cities would be designed around the vehicles…