Man investigating property investment

Is property still a good investment?

7 February Investment

Property has long been seen as an important part of any well-rounded investment portfolio. But, given the current state of the South African property market, is…

The importance of natural light in architectural design

31 January Uncategorized

While electricity-powered lighting solutions may have replaced natural light as the main source of illumination in buildings over the past few decades, the huge focus on…

Simple ways to reduce stress

23 January Lifestyle

We all live with stress. For some of us it’s work-related. For others, it’s connected to complicated relationships or financial pressures. Whatever triggers yours, the good…

young person enjoying a green space

Green spaces have a positive effect on mental health

16 January New Urbanism

The colour green has long been associated with energy, renewal, refreshing and harmony. And research points to the fact that green spaces like parks, gardens, sports…

Fitness: What’s trending in 2020?

9 January Lifestyle

Fitness trends come and fitness trends go – often with a sigh of relief from many of us! But, if you’re planning to get (or stay)…

Are you part of the 8%?

2 January Lifestyle

Every year, millions (maybe even billions) of people make New Year’s resolutions. Some plan to improve their eating habits. Others aim to up their weekly exercise…

Why survive when you can thrive?

19 December Uncategorized

The job market is tough right now – and it may stay that way for a while. If you’re in a role you really don’t love,…

young couple buying in the city

Why buying in the city makes sense

12 December Investment | Lifestyle

The first residential tower of the Amdec Group’s Harbour Arch development is almost sold out. And this is in spite of a tough property market in…