Why furry friends are good for us

3 October Lifestyle

Having a pet is good for you – on many levels.

Pockets of green in cities

26 September Lifestyle

There are plenty of health benefits to having greenery around us, nowhere more so than if we live in cities. Which explains why vertical gardens are on the rise.

Workout with a view

19 September Lifestyle

Outdoor gyms are fixtures of many cities around the world. With its great climate and scenic surroundings, Cape Town has almost 50 of them for you to enjoy.

Walkable cities are good for us

13 September Lifestyle

We stand a better chance of healthier lifestyles and better quality of life in walkable cities.

Can clutter make you sick?

5 September Lifestyle

It’s true that clutter could cause health issues over time, but the good news is that people all over the world are finding solutions to the problem.

Simple steps to living with less

29 August Lifestyle

How do you go from having too much to having just enough? That’s the billion-dollar question! Turns out, the answer is quite simple.

Compact and uncomplicated

22 August New Urbanism

How does a home that requires little or no maintenance sound, or one that comes with a smaller deposit and lower bond repayments?

Weighing up a property investment

15 August Investment

Buying property for investment purposes isn’t done on a whim. It takes foresight and thought. You’ll take into account your personal goals, financial objectives, preferences and…